Trump ordering his aides to remove embattled Steve Bannon: report
Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen capture)

Steve Bannon, the lightning rod former chief of Breitbart News who helped steer President Donald Trump's successful presidential campaign last year, is set to be ousted from his job as chief political strategist.

The New York Times is reporting that Trump made the decision to oust Bannon on Friday -- but he's still debating when and how to give the former Breitbart boss the boot.

"The president and senior White House officials were debating when and how to dismiss Mr. Bannon," the Times reports. "The two administration officials cautioned that Mr. Trump is known to be averse to confrontation within his inner circle, and could decide to keep on Mr. Bannon for some time."

Meanwhile, Bannon himself has told reporter Sara Carter that he issued his resignation to the White House "two weeks ago."

Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender also confirmed that Bannon is no longer working at the White House.

Bannon has had a rocky tenure as top strategist, as he has frequently clashed with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, and has in the past week done several on-the-record interviews in which he took shots at members of the administration and undermined its foreign policy strategy by declaring there is no military solution to the North Korea crisis.