WATCH: 96-year-old woman blisters NYC mayor from behind her walker over crumbling sidewalks
Catherine Nixon (New York Daily News)

A 96-year-old Harlem woman blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during a town hall meeting Wednesday night over the lack of services in her neighborhood.

Catherine Nixon faced the mayor from behind her walker at the event, and she complained about the condition of the infrastructure around her home, reported the New York Daily News.

“Listen, are there no inspectors?" Nixon said, as the crowd cheered. “They should come out and find out, and some of these sidewalks are so broken up they need to be repaired."

Nixon drew laughs when she complained she'd “worn out three or four walkers” getting around her neighborhood, and she asked for more bus shelters for residents to use.

“I want some service for the people of this city," she shouted at de Blasio. "I want service for everybody, we need service now.”

De Blasio seemed stunned as he thanked Nixon for her comments, the newspaper reported.

"Sidewalks, I liked that -- sidewalks for everybody," he said.