WATCH: Confederacy fan insists the flag isn't racist -- then launches racist rant against MLK
Confederacy fan Russell Walker (Screen cap).

A supporter of Confederate statues told reporters on Thursday that it was unfair to paint the monuments as racist -- and then almost immediately went on a racist rant about Martin Luther King.

Spectrum News Charlotte reporter Yoojin Cho posted a video interview of Russell Walker, a resident of York, South Carolina, who filed a lawsuit demanding that Confederate flags be returned to his town's main courthouse.

In making his case for the flags to stay, Walker insisted that there was nothing racist at all about Confederacy symbols, before he completely undermined his case by making racist statements.

"I don't believe it's a symbol of racism, I don't believe it's a symbol of slavery," said Walker. "Hey, I go down the street, I see Martin Luther Coon... uh, I shouldn't have said that... Martin Luther King. I mean, should I rip the signs down or insist they take Martin Luther King Street down or the rest of that stuff."

Cho reports that Walker's lawsuit was subsequently dismissed after a judge ruled that Walker could not prove he suffered any personal harm from the removal of the flags.

Watch the video below.