Watch GOP strategist Rick Wilson troll Trump for 'bowing down to adults Mattis and Kelly' on Afghanistan
Conservative commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on CNN, GOP strategist and President Donald Trump critic Rick Wilson damned the president with faint praise for listening to the Pentagon on how to proceed in Afghanistan, while diminishing the president for "bowing down" to the adults in his administration.

Appearing with fellow conservative Ben Ferguson, Wilson mocked the president when asked by CNN host Pamela Brown about Trump's speech.

"You know, welcome, Donald Trump, to the broad movement of consensus in the national security community in Washington, D.C." Wilson smirked. "Welcome to the club. We're going send over his embroidered globalist neo-con jacket a little later today."

"You know, this is a guy who clearly had to bow to [Secretary of Defense] Jim Mattis, [White House Chief of Staff] John Kelly, and [National Security Advisor] Henry McMaster -- this is the consensus belief in Washington."

With fellow Ferguson protesting that Wilson was taking a "cheap shot" at Trump with his "bowing down" comment, Wilson fired right back.

"The fact that he fired Steve Bannon and got rid of a lot of the voices around him who were in the crazy zone is probably good for our country," Wilson explained, before adding, "This was not a guy who did more than study this in a reflexive way, and I'm glad he took advice from mature adults."

You can watch the video below via CNN: