WATCH: Joy Reid delivers a brutal three-minute history lesson to Trump for appeasing ‘Confederate sympathizers’
MSNBC host Joy Reid -- screen shot

MSNBC host Joy Reid delivered a devastating history lesson to President Donald Trump on Sunday morning, explaining that, for a man who talks about "winning" so much, he sure backs a lot of losers.

"Donald Trump loves a winner, so why did he just spend the last week defending Nazis and Confederate sympathizers? Two groups who are among history's greatest losers," the AM Joy host began.

"The defeat of Nazism in World War II is the source for material for countless movies and TV shows," she continued. "But the legacy of the Confederacy and how it went from treason in the name of slavery to a romanticized, supposedly noble and valiantly lost cause is lesser known."

With that, the MSNBC host walked Trump though a brief history of the Civil War and the racism that still persists after the South went down to defeat.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: