WATCH: Lonely Confederate supporter tackled by Miami cops after attacking demonstrators
Florida man using a Confederate Flag as a weapon to attack anti-racism activists.

Only one white supremacist showed up to protest the renaming of controversial street names in South Florida -- he was promptly arrested after using a Confederate Flag as a spear while charging a large crowd of anti-racism activists.

"Today, a local white supremacist, Chris Cedeno, was arrested after witnesses on-scene say he charged into the crowd of civil-rights protesters," the Miami New Times reports. "Cedeno was standing near the entrance to Hollywood City Hall, in front of a police line that separated him from 150 to 200 protesters. After Cedeno briefly jawed back and forth with a protester from roughly 10 feet away, he ran directly at the crowd. Cops swooped in and removed Cedeno in handcuffs."

The incident occurred as city commissioners in Hollywood, FL were considering renaming three streets honoring confederate generals John Hood and Robert E. Lee, along with Ku Klux Klan grand-wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest.

"Cedeno showed up to the protest in a shirt emblazoned with the logo for the Florida League of the South, a white nationalist group that wants the Confederate states to secede from the union again and create a society led by white, Christian people of European descent," New Times noted. "Cedeno waved a flag that combined the classic Confederate "stars and bars" with the black-and-white League of the South logo."

Earlier this year, Cedeno wore a neo-Nazi pin on his shirt collar when defending the use of the n-word by a prominent Miami Republican.

Reporter Shyann Malone of WPLG ABC Miami shared dramatic video of the arrest: