WATCH: Seattle local dumps hot coffee on ranting Alex Jones
Seattle man responds to being called a slave by dumping hot coffee on Alex Jones.

Prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had a cup of coffee dumped on him Friday while filming a rant on the streets of downtown Seattle.

While clamoring about "globalist economic warfare" a passerby gave Jones the middle finger and hilarity ensured when Jones chased the man across the street.

"You aren't an intellectual, you're a dumb*ass," Jones shouted at the man.

"F*ck off," the man told Jones. "No, you f*ck off," Jones replied. "I am f*cking off, the man said with a grin as he walked away.

"These little trendy cowards want to tell people like me to eff off, but they don't want to actually talk to my face," Jones claimed. "That's all these people got is 'f*ck you' -- well you know what? F*ck you."

"These people are the biggest cucks on the planet," Jones raged at a copy of USA Today.

"You're trash," another man then yelled at Jones in response.

Jones rushed to confront the man, demanding he "tell people intellectually who you are."

"Intellectually who I am?" the man asked. "I'm your momma!"

When Jones called the man a "literal slave of the system" he responding by dumping a cup of Seattle's famed coffee on Jones.

This man then also flipped off Jones while joking, "I have to get to work...where they have more coffee."

As the man walked off laughing, Jones claimed, "I'm proud of this."

Watch the video below via Twitter (starting at 2:15):

UPDATE: The Seattle Police Department has issued a statement.