‘At least she didn’t call you the N-word’: Teacher excuses racist insult while trying to comfort 4th-grader
Harmonie Frazier (WTVM)

A black fourth-grader says her teacher used a racial slur while attempting to comfort her after a classmate made a racist insult.

Harmonie Frazier was playing with two other black girls in gym class earlier this month at Reese Road Elementary in Columbus when a white classmate made a racist remark that troubled her, reported WTVM-TV.

“She said another student said to her (that) she’s glad that she's not black, she's glad she's white and not black like them," said her father, Nathan Frazier.

The children later rotated back into their home room class, where one of the girls told their teacher about the conversation.

Nathan Frazier told the TV station the teacher tried to comfort his 9-year-old daughter and her friend -- but instead made things worse.

“The thing that really really shocked me was when the teacher leans into the girls, and she kind of caressed my daughter’s face and says, ‘Oh, you’re a beautiful girl, but at least she didn’t call you a dumb black and the N-word,'" Frazier said. "When my daughter told me that I was completely shocked."

Frazier and his wife reported the incident to the principal, who said the teacher admitted to using the racial slurs, but the father is troubled that she hurt the black girls and implicitly excused the white girl's comments.

“She hurt my daughter and the other young lady while enabling the other little girl to continue doing it," Frazier said. "To our knowledge they haven't really done much of anything about it."

The Fraziers have coordinated with the school district to send Harmonie to another school, and the district superintendent said the incident remains under investigation but declined further comment on the personnel matter.

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