Charles Blow rips 'venal' Trump: He's 'playing to racial grievance' for his own gain
New York Times columnist and author Charles Blow (Screen capture)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow told CNN on Sunday that President Donald Trump can't resist a "venal" urge to exploit racial discord to advance himself, shore up his base and advance his administration's agenda.

In response to a conservative panelist's contention that Trump is making a savvy political move by pitting himself against the NFL in order to solidify his support, Blow scoffed.

"Is he playing to racial grievance and using that to his benefit?" Blow said. "Yes, the venal part of this president who exploits situations to his own benefit."

"He's using an anxiety that exists in a large part of white America to his advantage," he said. "So, is that 'good?' This is about how America responds to black people when they protest inequality and oppression."

Donald Trump has come under fire from players, managers and team owners for his remarks to a rally on Friday night in which he called any player who protests police brutality by going down on one knee during the national anthem a "son of a b*tch."

Watch the video, embedded below: