Comedian Marlon Wayans on Trump: He's like 'the a**hole kid in the sandbox'
Comedian Marlon Wayans speaks to (Screen capture)

Marlon Wayans -- comedian and star of the NBC sitcom "Marlon" -- echoed the sentiments of LeBron James when he was interviewed by a reporter from TMZ Sports.

The reporter intercepted Wayans as he made his way through Los Angeles International Airport and asked if he agreed with James, who said that going to the White House is no longer an honor with President Donald Trump in office.

"I agree," said Wayans. "I wouldn't go. What am I going to go there for -- so he can tell us how much he hates us?"

With regards to the president's rescinding of his White House invitation to Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, which he did after Curry said he did not want to attend a White House event, Wayans shook his head.

"How you gonna disinvite somebody when they didn't want to go in the first place?" he asked. "That's like the a**hole kid in the sandbox who threw a party and ain't nobody going and he's saying, 'Y'all know what? You can't come to my party!'"

He concluded, "Good, motherf*cker, I didn't want to go in the first place."

Wayans addressed the issue further on Twitter and Instagram.

Watch the video, embedded below: