Don Lemon gobsmacked at Ben Ferguson's hypocrisy on Trump's past 'racist' accusations
Don Lemon laughing at Ben Ferguson (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Don Lemon's final segment was discussing the accusations ESPN sportscaster hurled at President Donald Trump this week.

ESPN's Jemele Hill tweeted the accusation that Trump is a white supremacist and conservative columnist Ben Ferguson thinks that she should be fired because of it. Ferguson even went so far as to say that she "hates the president" and thus was deplorable.

After a series of guests talking over each other and shouting about racism, Lemon stopped the conversation to lead Ferguson into a path of hypocrisy.

"Would you say that this president hated [former President] Barack Obama?" Lemon asked.

"I don't think he was a big fan of him," Ferguson admitted.

Lemon then read a tweet aloud posted by Trump in 2012 when he was working for NBC on "The Apprentice."

"[President Barack] Obama's '07 speech which @DailyCaller just released not only shows that Obama is a racist but also how the press always covers for him," Trump tweeted, referring to a speech Obama made that mentioned his former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

The CNN host asked Ferguson if he is calling Hill to be fired for calling the president a white supremacist, why then shouldn't Trump have been fired in 2012 for calling the president a racist. The answer from Ferguson was dead silence.

As the other guests silently blinked at the camera, progressive broadcaster Keith Boykin simply asked "hello?"

Ferguson was stumped. "Your, your, your, point is -- I'm trying to figure out what your point is?" he stammered.

"That was from Donald Trump, who by the way, was hosting 'The Apprentice' and who was representing NBC at the time," Lemon explained. "And no one from the [White House] podium said, 'That was a fireable offense."

"How many people asked the White House that question," was Ferguson's only retort. Somehow his explanation was that because the press didn't inquire about Trump calling Obama a racist the opportunity never presented itself for the Obama administration to officially call for the firing of Trump from NBC. "Go back and look at the tape!" Ferguson demanded.

All Lemon could do was laugh as Boykin rolled his head back.

Watch the full discussion below: