Facebook gave Robert Mueller far more information than Congress on the $100k of Russian ads
Robert Mueller (FBI)

Special counselor Robert Mueller reportedly got a lot more information from Facebook about the ads paid for by Russia than the Congressional committees investigating the Russia scandal.

In a Friday Wall Street Journal report, sources revealed the social network handed over all records of online ad buys from Russia on the platform.

Mueller got copies of the ads themselves as well as details on the accounts that purchased the ads and the targeting criteria used. Facebook's policies in the past have been that they would only turn over "stored content" of an account, including messages and location. This was significantly more than that.

The reason that Facebook hasn't turned over the same information to Congress is that the company was concerned about "disrupting the Mueller probe," the report stated. It might also conflict with privacy laws.

Facebook disclosed last week that approximately 500 fake Facebook accounts with ties to Russia bought $100,000 in ads during the two-years leading up to the 2016 election. There was also $50,000 in ad buys that were linked directly to Russian accounts. Over 5,000 ads were run from these groups, according to Facebook.