Flynn snubs Senate Intel Committee a second time because they won't grant him immunity: report
Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Photo: Defense Intelligence Agency)

At almost seven months since former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn "resigned" from Donald Trump's White House, the contentious retired general is still stirring controversy.

According to CNN, Flynn has declined a second request from the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify before them as a witness in their investigation into Russian's electoral interference last year.

In May, upon the committee's first request, Flynn plead the Fifth Amendment in his denial of their subpoena. The reason for his second denial is currently unknown.

Flynn offered to testify before both the House and Senate intelligence committees in exchange for immunity, but neither legislative body has granted it to him. He has, however, complied with the Senate intelligence committee's request for his business documents.

Some, including Intelligence Committee member Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), believe Flynn is cooperating with the FBI, which could interfere with potential Congressional testimony.