GOP strategist brutally mocks Trump fans' 'Fatal Attraction-level bonkers fury' over DACA betrayal
Conservative commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson is still taking a victory lap around fans of President Donald Trump who are furious over the president's seeming betrayal on giving protections to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States by their parents as children.

In a new column for the Daily Beast, Wilson points out that Trump's history of betraying people who trusted him goes back decades -- and he says Trump fans only have themselves to blame for being blind to his character.

"Trump’s full-fledged triple backflip on DACA and the wall struck like a political earthquake," Wilson writes. "The sense of shock and betrayal in his base is magnificent. They foolishly believed Trump would never betray them on immigration, despite his lifetime of serial lying and deception."

Wilson then goes on to pour more salt on their wounds by comparing Trump diehards to Glenn Close's bunny-boiling stalker character from the movie Fatal Attraction.

"The glorious, Fatal Attraction-level bonkers fury of Ann Coulter and the rest of Trump’s true believer cohort over his DACA flip produced an ocean of furious MAGA tears, incoherent rage, and promises to walk away from Trump if he didn’t get back on his wall-building, kid-deporting rhetoric of 2016," he sneers.

At the end of his column, Wilson takes one more shot at Trump fans who ignored his warnings about the president's history of betraying people and instructs them to do their research next time they blindly fall for a candidate.

"Hate us all you want, but if you think this is the last time he’ll shank his faithful, you might want to review the last 40 years of his personal and business behavior," he writes.