'I enjoy your ocean of tears': GOP strategist takes victory lap around disillusioned Trump fans
Conservative commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who has been one of Donald Trump's fiercest critics within the Republican Party ever since he launched his candidacy more than two years ago, took a victory lap while reacting to news that Trump might sign off on protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

After seeing the angry reactions of some Trump fans to the president's purported cave on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protections, Wilson mocked them for believing Trump in the first place.

"It was a con," Wilson wrote. "It was always a con. even people who thought they were in on the con were being conned. Their unending certitude that just this once Trump wasn't lying played out as we knew it would: sackcloth, ashes, wailing, lamentation."

Wilson then chided them for brushing off warnings about Trump's serial dishonesty and his history of betraying people who put their trust in him.

"You elected a guy who has broken every promise he's ever made to his wives, his bankers, his partners, and to you," he wrote.

In a subsequently deleted tweet, Wilson also told Trump fans that he would "continue to enjoy the taste of your ocean of tears."