‘He talked through the moment of silence’: Olbermann shames Trump for disrespecting 9/11 victims
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Commentator Keith Olbermann unloaded on President Donald Trump over how he conducted himself on the anniversary of the 9/11, pointing out that the bombastic president couldn't manage to keep his mouth shut during a moment of silence for the victims.

On his Resistance broadcast, the Trump critic was beside himself with Trump after admitting that he is "not someone who believes in mandatory memorials to pain."

"How could he have not sent a tweet this morning at 8:46?" Olbermann asked. "How do you not send out a tweet the morning of 9/11?"

"Of course Trump did talk the morning of 9/11," he continued. "He kept speaking at the Pentagon as 9:58 and 10:03 moments of silence had begun. But back to simpler issue: given the manner in how demographics change, 9/11 has long since replaced the Kennedy assassination or the Challenger explosion as the life-changing moment in the psyche of the average American, and how social media has replaced television."

"How did Trump not send out a tweet on the morning of 9/11?" he repeated. "How could it have waited for him until 2 in the afternoon? This man tweets constantly: promotes books by disgraced sheriffs, promotes himself on Twitter. Threatens an FBI director on Twitter. Threatens North Korea on Twitter."

"He's still tweeting insults and mindless memes about his opponent in an election that in 8 weeks will be a year ago," Olbermann stated. "He has two accounts. And no matter how bloated with fake followers and bots they might be, he can use them to have direct access to 58 million followers -- and he didn't tweet on the morning of 9/11."

"When they say 'never forget,' this is what they are talking about," he concluded.