'I don’t care, he raped my daughter': Florida woman admits killing family friend accused of assaulting 6-year-old
Connie Serbu Mugshot

A Florida woman has confessed to plotting and then killing a family friend after her daughter confided in her that the man sexually assaulted her years before when she was 6-years-old.

According to Lawnewz, which obtained the police report, Connie Serbu admitted to police that she shot Xavier Sierra, 18, after luring him to her home -- and then she called 911 to report the shooting.

Naples police state that Serbu said she recruited her brother, John Vargas, to help her by having him pick Sierra up to do some work around her house before taking him into the woods. When Vargas mentioned the sexual assault, Sierra took off, leading Vargas and Serbu to pursue him with guns. A fight ensued with both Vargas and Sierra dying from gunshot wounds.

According to police, Serbu readily confessed, telling them, “So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter."

Serbu's husband admitted that he knew something was coming because his wife told him months before the killing that he should prepare himself to take care of their children because she was going to do something after learning of the sexual assault.

The Florida woman is currently being represented by a public defender.