'If you're not white, you're not welcome': CNN's Gergen blisters Trump's continuing racism in brutal takedown
David Gergen speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Longtime presidential adviser David Gergen -- who has worked for both Republican and Democratic presidents -- unloaded on President Donald Trump Tuesday night, not only his decision on DACA, but for virtually every move he has made since taking office.

Appearing on a panel with CNN host Don Lemon, a clearly disgusted Gergen had nothing good to say about Trump after comparing him unfavorably to former President Barack Obama while discussing the Dreamers.

"This is one of the most cruel acts we've seen in the presidency in a long time," Gergen explained. "President Obama and President Trump not only disagree on policies, they disagree on values."

"It goes to very basic things: whether you have a respect for minorities, whether you have a belief in diversity, whether you think this country should welcome and continue to hold up the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of what we believe in," he continued. "I'm afraid since Charlottesville and the talk about the white supremacists and putting him on the same level as protesters, we've seen now a series of -- Sheriff Arpaio and now this."

"I don't know what it's like to be a minority person in this country, and i just often wonder about it," he confessed, "but I must say if I were in your [Lemon's] shoes, I would feel increasingly there is a sign out there that's been hung up in the White House or outside the White House saying, 'If you're not white, you're not especially welcome.' That is so sad -- it's just not who we are. The vast majority of American people do not believe that, they are much closer to President Obama's values."

Watch the video below via CNN: