Trump supporter admits spray-painting swastikas on his own house in hate crime hoax
Andrew King's mugshot (left, via Schenectady Police Department) and one of the swastikas he admitted to painting on his own home (right, via screengrab).

In Schenectady, New York, a man who reported that vandals spray-painted swastikas on his house earlier this year has admitted to faking the crime.

According to the Albany Times-Union, Andrew King, who called police in February about the Nazi vandalism he himself drew, has plead guilty to falsely reporting an incident -- a misdemeanor in the state of New York.

Prior to police revelations that King faked the incident, Schenectady's Daily Gazette reported that King claimed to be both Jewish and a supporter of President Donald Trump. When he first reported the vandalism, King said the vandalism was a religious hate crime.

Local Jewish leaders said that King is not Jewish, but that he tried multiple times to convert and was rejected by at least Schenectady congregations, JTA reports.

(Note: This article has been updated to include information indicating that King is not actually Jewish.)