Morning Joe warns GOP to stop lying about ‘inhumane’ health care bill
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hammered his Republican friends for lying about the "inhumane" health care bill they're trying to pass quickly and with almost no debate.

The "Morning Joe" host said the bill has almost no support outside the GOP quarters on Capitol Hill, and he said Republican lawmakers have been misleading the public about its catastrophic effects.

"I don't understand how they think they will get away with that, and how some of my friends -- and they are friends, that's why it hurts so much -- are getting on TV and lying every day to the American people, lying through their teeth about what's in that bill and what's not in this bill," Scarborough said.

Scarborough said the Graham-Cassidy bill appears to be close to passing, when the U.S. Senate votes by the end of next week -- but he warned GOP lawmakers of a looming electoral disaster if it does.

"That's insanity -- nobody knows what's in this bill," he said. "What's so stunning about this, I'll just say this, what is so inhumane about this is, there are people who depend on Medicaid, on the sort of health care that we are talking about, about the guarantees that have been given, that are going to be stripped away."

Scarborough called on GOP lawmakers to debate the bill on its merits and stop trying to hide it under the cover of lies.

"Have that process, have those hearings, let the senators, let the congressmen hear who is going to be hurt by the bill, instead of just seeing this in stories six months after a bill passes," he said. "I promise you, Republicans, you're the ones that are going to pay in the end. You think I'm being a son of a bitch right now? No, you should listen to me. What you're doing is radical, and you will end up paying horribly in the end. I don't know what pressure you think you are under right now (but) wait until you go back to your voters supporting this bill. It's inhumane."