REVEALED: Former Trump campaign manager Manafort wiretapped by FBI before and after election
Paul Manafort appears on 'Morning Joe' (Photo: Screen cap)

Federal investigators wiretapped Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, before and after the 2016 presidential election, CNN reports.

As CNN reports, the U.S. government continue to tap into Manafort’s communications until this year. The surveillance took place under a FISA warrant, a secret court order authorized in 2014.

According to CNN, in 2016, the warrant was discontinued for lack of evidence, but was later restarted after new evidence emerged in the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Trump campaign associates’ possible collusion with agents of the Russian government.

It’s possible that Trump, who continued speaking with Manafort well after he was removed as campaign chairman, was picked up through these communications.

FISA warrants require approval of top officials in the Justice Department and the FBI. As CNN notes, a court must sign off that there’s probable cause the subject of a FISA warrant is acting as an agent of a foreign government.