WATCH: Fox host compares 9/11 memorial to Confederate statues in bizarre segment with Interior secretary

Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade on Monday worried that liberals in the future would try to tear down memorials to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, much as they've been targeting memorials to Confederate generals who fought to secede from the United States for the right to keep black people enslaved.

During an interview with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Kilmeade asked if he had any concern about the future security of the Flight 93 National Monument, which he suggested could become a target for activists in the same way that statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson have become targets.

"Do you worry 100 years from now someone’s going to try to take that memorial down like they’re trying to remake our memorials today?" he asked.

Zinke didn't directly respond to Kilmeade's question, and he only issued a vague platitude about learning from history.

"Well I’m one that believes that you know we should learn from history," he replied.  "And I think our monuments are part of our country’s history. We can learn from it. Since we don’t put up statues of Jesus, everyone’s going to fall morally short."

Watch the video below.