WATCH: Sarah Sanders snaps at black reporter while being grilled over Trump's NFL anthem tantrum
White House reporter April Ryan (Screen capture)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders interrupted American Urban Radio Network's White House reporter April Ryan on Thursday and then attempted to dismiss her question about President Donald Trump's attacks on NFL players by saying the issue is "pretty black and white."

"On the issue of taking the knee, my understanding is that many of the NFL players are upset with this back and forth," Ryan began.

"I think so are many Americans," interjected Huckabee Sanders.

"Can I finish my question please? Thank you," said Ryan.

"When the president weighed in, the NFL said we're going to be united," she said, then asked what Americans should expect from the president now that it's him against the NFL?

Huckabee Sanders said she believes the president has been "very clear" that this not about him versus the NFL -- in spite of his many tweets on the matter -- and admonished, "This should be about coming together to support the flag."

Ryan said that the protests are not about being proud or not proud to be American. The players are patriots and the "love this country," she said. "What does the president say when he looks at history and sees people that love this country, but wanted to challenge the system to make it better?"

Sanders replied that if we look at history, "We should look at the thousands of Americans that gave their life to protect that flag." She went on to scold Ryan saying, "We should be looking for ways to bring our country together, not to divide it."

When Ryan asked for clarification, Sanders snapped, "I don't think there's much to clarify. It's pretty black and white there."

This is not the first time that Ryan -- who is one of the few black reporters on Capitol Hill -- has been condescended to and interrupted from the White House podium. Fired ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got nasty when Ryan asked him about the Russia investigation in March of this year.

Watch the video, embedded below: