Carl Bernstein: Trump's treatment of Myeshia Johnson is 'aberrant' and 'savage'
Carl Bernstein (CNN)

During a Monday evening panel, veteran journalist and Watergate whistleblower Carl Bernstein repeatedly called President Donald Trump "aberrant" for his mistreatment of Myeisha Johnson, a young Gold Star widow at the center of the president's latest feud.

According to Johnson, Trump did not recall her husband La David's name when he called to offer condolences after he'd been killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger earlier this month. In response, Trump insinuated on Twitter that the widow was lying.

"This is an aberrant president of the United States who behaves consistently in an aberrant way," Bernstein said.

"You hear this from Republicans all the time, that we doubt his stability in these moments," he continued, "and this is just one story with this poor widow who has been savaged by the president of the United States."

He went on to charge Trump with "going nuclear in public about a woman who has lost her husband."

"That is aberrant," Bernstein said once again.

Watch the veteran journalist describe yet another "aberrant" president below, via CNN.