Chicago woman loses black friend — and heads to jail — over videotaped racist assault
A woman is caught on video insulting a couple during the Chicago Margarita Fest on July 30, 2016. (YouTube)

A Chicago woman who was filmed dropping n-bombs during an angry tirade at a park -- before slapping the camera away -- is going to jail for assault.

According to NBC Chicago 5, Jessica Sanders, 27, was acquitted on two felony hate crime counts and an aggravated battery charge, stemming from the 2016 incident, but was convicted of a misdemeanor of battery.

Sanders, who claims that she is not a racist and was accompanied by black friends at the Margarita Fest at the South Shore Cultural Center in July of last year, said, "People are saying I’m a white supremacist. That’s not who I am.”

She added, "My best friend since I was 14 is black, and I lost her over this. I have nieces and nephews that are mixed.”

Sanders was reportedly involved in a dispute over a bean bag game at the festival that compelled her to launch into a furious racist tirade that was filmed by Ernest Crim, who had his phone slapped out of his hand, while being racially slurred by Sanders.

“In this day and age, I just wanted to get her on camera so I can expose how ignorant she is and was," Crim said at the time when the video went viral

According to the latest report, Sanders was sentenced to one year probation -- with the first 90 days spent behind bars -- by a Chicago judge, but may only serve half of her 90-day sentence.

“This was a horrible incident in her life, and one she is not proud of at all,” her attorney Josh Kutnick said.

You can watch video of the assault below, via YouTube: