Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones launches profane tirade targeting George W. Bush’s daughters
Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recorded a skin-crawling video of him deploying highly-sexualized language while repeatedly insulting the twin daughters of former President George W. Bush.

"We have turned the tide and the globalists are in trouble and they are totally panicked and they are losing steam everywhere," Jones celebrated at the beginning of a segment on whether Attorney General Sessions is being blackmailed.

Less than three minutes into the segment, Jones set the tone by apparently blaming victims of sexual assault during a tirade against former President H.W. Bush.

“You got the stupid actresses -- I shouldn’t say stupid -- well-meaning people that are dumb enough to get in the orbit of the Bushes and then wonder why their butts get grabbed, you got that sexual assault stuff," Jones said of H.W. Bush.

"I mean what do you think some satanic, 93-year-old demon goblin is going to do? I mean that’s what they do," Jones charged.

"Folks, I'm not trying to be mean," Jones stated after returning from a commercial break where he said on TV he saw Barbara Pierce Bush Jr., the older of the twin daughters of the 43rd president. She is named after her grandmother, who became First Lady.

"You ought to know TV adds ten, fifteen pounds on you. She looks like Skeletor and then she’s like a scary doll," Jones said judgmentally.

“She looks like a horror doll, like a female Chuckie," Jones said he heard in the break room.

[caption id="attachment_1150004" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Skeletor from Masters of the Universe and Chucky from the Child's Play series of horror movies (composite image)[/caption]

"Here, let's roll some of it and you gotta see it from the side too," Jones said as he played a silent, slow-motion clip from The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Fox News. Perino had served as press secretary for Barbara's father.

“Jenna, she looks like a woman. Then you got Perino over there, looking anorexic with a little bit of muscle,” Jones said. "I just keep thinking of George W. Bush and her though, there's nothing grosser."

“Disgusting women, disgusting people seriously, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot poll. Wouldn’t touch it with your ten foot pole. Look at that little narcissistic bobblehead”

"I wonder if the Bush's carried out their family trade on those girls," Jones said cryptically, with a pause and a squint at an image of the twins on his studio monitor. "They probably passed over them, didn't they."

"They'd never pull a skull and bones on them, that's for other people's kids," Jones concluded.

Watch the disturbing video: