Corey Lewandowski claims Mueller is going after 'bad players' who had 'nothing to do with the president'
Corey Lewandowski (CNN/YouTube)

In what was likely a slip of the tongue, one of the former campaign mangers for President Donald Trump claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be investigating the "Clinton administration" -- presumably Hillary Clinton's administration.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, former Trump flack Corey Lewandowski pushed back against reports that indictments are being handed down -- and arrests are expected -- relating to Trump aides working in tandem with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Speaking with the Fox & Friends hosts, the manic Lewandowski indicated he wanted Mueller to focus on anything other than Trump.

"Speculation is so insane right now," Lewandowsky offered. "What we should be focused on right now are the continuing lies of the Clinton administration."

"The continued fallacies that they perpetuate," he continued as he built up a head of steam. "Look, Robert Mueller is doing his job, whatever that may entail. And he has filed charges against somebody, although we don't know what they are. We don't know if they are felony charges. We don't know if they are against one or multiple people."

"Let me be very very clear, I am certain of this, this has nothing to do with the president," Lewandowski insisted. "If there were players on the outside that had a periphery or a small role of some type in the campaign, my guess is these charges have nothing to do with the campaign because I was there, there was no collusion, cooperation or coordination with Russia. So, let's see what Mueller does, but the dam is not breaking. The only thing that is breaking are the Democrats."

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