Creationist Ken Ham plans to ruin Halloween by making kids learn about Jesus in exchange for candy
Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham appears in a YouTube video (Screenshot)

Ken Ham, the man behind the infamous Ark Encounter creationist museum, has unveiled a plan to help his followers spread the word of the Gospels to trick-or-treaters this year.

In a new blog post on his Answers in Genesis website, Ham implores his supporters to think about "sharing Christ with trick-or-treaters" this year, while offering several suggestions for ways to properly "educate" your neighborhood children about the gospels.

In particular, Ham recommends giving kids a copy of a booklet called "A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween" that will educate them about the holiday's pagan origins. In addition to the booklet, ambitious evangelists can also hand out DVDs of the short film Halloween, Paganism, and the Bible, which Ham says "traces Halloween’s roots back to before Christ and, potentially, all the way back to the dispersion at the Tower of Babel!"

Ham also recommends using a tactic called "reverse trick-or-treating" that involves bringing baked goods directly to neighbors' houses on Halloween -- and then hitting them up with a pitch about Jesus.

"Include a gospel booklet with your home-baked or store-bought treats," Ham writes. "This is a great way to encourage your kids to give and bless others as well as share the gospel as a family."

Read the whole blog post at this link.