'Enough BS': Ex-Bush ethics lawyer derides politicians offering 'thoughts and prayers' after Las Vegas massacre
Bush-era chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter (Photo: Screen capture)

Former George W. Bush administration chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter blasted those offering thoughts and prayers to Las Vegas massacre victims but refusing to consider policy responses that could prevent future tragedies.

"Enough BS," Painter demanded.

"For thoughts and prayers, call a Priest or Rabbi," Painter suggested.

"For decent gun laws, call a congressman," Painter explained. "And if he doesn't do anything, sack him."

Painter is a professor at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Earlier Monday, Prof. Painter used a similar argument specifically against Minnesota Republican Congressman Jason Lewis.

"My thoughts & prayers are with the victims, the injured, and the families of all those affected by the horrific shooting in Las Vegas," Rep. Lewis tweeted.

"We can all pray about it, but we elected you to do something to protect us," Painter replied. "What are you doing to fix our permissive gun laws?"

As of publishing, Rep. Lewis had not yet responded to the question.