Firefighter’s racist ‘mudbloods on Kellogg’s cereal box’ Facebook rant lands him under investigation
Justin Snyder via Facebook

A Pennsylvania firefighter is feeling heat after a racist post he wrote on Facebook went viral, with the first responder complaining about "mudbloods" and "camel jockeys."

According to the Lebanon Daily News, firefighter Justin Snyder reacted furiously to a report that a Kellogg's cereal box was being taken off the market because it featured one character of color on it -- a janitor.

According to Snyder, who is employed by the Speedwell Engine and Hose Company in west Lebanon, the cereal company was bowing to political correctness and he angrily lashed out on Facebook.

"Looks like Kellogg's cucked out by apologizing to some mudblood over a f*cking picture on the back of a Goddamn cereal box," he wrote. "Someone complained about the janitor in the picture being a darker shade of Corn Pop than the others. Seriously."

"And Kellogg's fell all over themselves to apologize instead of telling that camel jockey to pound sand, because the most egregious of offenses today is even to be - *perceived* -as possibly being even remotely RACIST," he continued, adding "They have done better to submit the following short and concise PR statement: 'We sincerely regret insinuating that a brown could hold down a productive, honorable job and apologize for insulting any janitors.'"

According to the Daily News, the Snyder's fire company responded to his comments in a statement reading, in part: "It was brought to our attention that one of our members made a post on their private page that reflected badly on our organization.We would like to firmly assure you that our members personal thoughts and beliefs do NOT reflect those of our company... Again, we are taking the necessary actions to address the matter, and we would like to reiterate that our members personal opinions and beliefs do NOT represent those of our company."