Fox News political editor frets over 'real danger' Democrats will impeach Trump if they take Congress in 2018
Fox News journalist Chris Stirewalt -- screen grab

Assuming he lasts that long, President Donald Trump is in danger of being impeached after the 2018 midterms if the Democrats take control on Congress, Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt warned on Tuesday.

With the White House reeling from two indictments handed down by special counsel Robert Mueller -- and another aide pleading guilty to lying to the FBI -- the Fox political analyst said that the Democrats see an opening to take Trump down if the GOP suffers huge losses in the next election.

Speaking with host Harris Faulkner, Stirewalt painted a portrait of a president under siege.

“There is real danger for the president lurking out there,” Stirewalt cautioned the Fox News host. “Republicans -- if they lose control of Congress  -- there is a very strong chance that Donald Trump will be impeached.”

"You think so?” a startled Fualkner asked.

“These are politicians,” the editor observer explained.“When Republicans impeached Bill Clinton I’m sure there were other things that the American people wished that they would have focused on, but they focused on satisfying a bloodthirsty base.”

He then speculated, "I’m sure there would be many calls among Democrats to do the same. And that is the real danger for Trump.”

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