Guest drops a truthbomb on Fox News: Kelly is talking about the Civil War to distract from Mueller
A Fox News panel on Confederate monuments (Screen cap).

Fox News guest David Goodfriend dropped a truth bomb about the Trump administration's strategy for distracting America from damaging revelations about the Russia investigation during what was supposed to be a debate about the Civil War and confederate monuments.

In a segment discussing Trump chief of staff John Kelly's controversial take on the causes of the Civil War, Campos-Duffy said that it was ironic that many on the left were so adamant about taking down statues of Confederate generals and politicians since those men at the time belonged to the Democratic Party.

 "Let me make clear these are statues, in the Confederate case, statues of Democrats erected by Democrats," she said. "If the progressives want to tear them down, have at it."

Fellow Fox guest David Goodfriend acknowledged that the men depicted in Confederate monuments are Democrats, although he noted that many weren't erected right after the Civil War -- rather, they were erected by Southern Democrats as protests against attempts to end segregation in the Southern United States.

"It was Democrats at the height of the segregation movement in the early 20th century -- it had nothing to do with the 1800s -- that put up those statues," he said. "General Kelly's comments are a little misleading if we want to appreciate history let's study why the statues were put up."

Goodfriend then suggested Kelly's comments were a planned distraction designed to make people upset -- and thus get them to stop talking about Russia.

"Why does he talk about it last night?" he asked. "He is trying to change the subject away from the indictments."

Watch the video below.