'Has he met Donald Trump?': CNN's Kirsten Powers nails Kelly for claiming offense over Wilson's 'grandstanding'
Gen. John Kelly (Wikimedia Commons) and Donald Trump (AFP)

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers on Friday asked CNN’s Jake Tapper to consider how absurd it is for Chief of Staff John Kelly to claim offense over remarks made by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) during a 2015 dedication to fallen FBI soldiers.

Kelly during a press conference on Thursday, Kelly referred to Wilson as an “empty barrel,” specifically targeting a speech she gave several years ago during with Kelly said she made self-aggrandizing claims about herself. A video that surfaced Friday disputed Kelly’s characterization.

“Can we just back up and consider the fact that he is offended by people being self-aggrandizing?” Powers asked on Friday. “Has he met Donald Trump?”

“Seriously, we're talking about somebody who is bragging about the amazing job—10 out of 1—he did on Puerto Rico,” she continued. “We can talk all day long about the things he takes credit for.”

“If you're going to look at her for a person in her community, she's a hero in her community,” Powers noted. “Mentoring African-American men, including the fallen soldier in this case. What is it about her that would lead him to say something so awful about her?”

“She sounds like an amazing woman to me,” the CNN analyst added. “I think she mishandled this, but in other aspects of her life, it seems likes like she's doing pretty incredible things.”

Watch below, via CNN: