'His brain doesn't work correctly': Olbermann calls Trump 'f*cking crazy' after latest gibberish-laden speech
Keith Olbermann on March 30, 2015. [YouTube]

According to commentator Keith Olbermann, if you set aside all of President Donald Trump's attempts to appear presidential, you come to realize that the leader of the free world is "f*cking crazy."

On his latest "Resistance" broadcast, Olbermann said it is time to ignore Trump's stab at fashioning U.S. policy and listen to the words of a man whose 'brain does not work correctly."

Calling Trump's presidential tenure "nine months of America held hostage," the acerbic commentator pointed out that Trump seems to live in a separate reality.

"This has been my premise since I wrote a lengthy piece for Vanity Fair last July, called 'Could Trump pass a sanity test?'" Olbermann recalled. "Spoiler alert: It doesn't seem like he could."

"And it is reflected in my book that is being published now, 'Trump is F-ing Crazy,'" he explained. "The title was not picked for shock value. The title was picked because Trump is F-ing crazy. He said he met with the president of the Virgin Islands. He is the president of the Virgin Islands."

"He claims he came up with term 'fake.' The quote was, 'I guess some other people have used it, perhaps, over the years. But I've never noticed it,'" Olbermann read with a dead-pan face. "This sums him up. 'Fake' is a term first used by petty criminals in England in 1775 and he never noticed it, really."

"The problem here is that this isn't just ego," he explained. "Believing you have invented things that have existed well before you were born can be a symptom of a variety of psychological disturbances."

Olbermann went on to suggest Trump may be bi-polar, saying those afflicted,  "literally invent their own words and take umbrage when you don't understand what they mean."

"And 'bigly' umbrage," he puckishly added.

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