'Hoover's one to talk': CNN's Anderson Cooper amused by report J. Edgar Hoover thought Jack Ruby was gay
Anderson Cooper (CNN / Screengrab)

A discussion on the contents of the released JFK files revealed that former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald's killer was gay, leading CNN host Anderson Cooper to toss out a droll comment.

Speaking with presidential historian Tim Naftali, host Cooper asked about any revelations, saying, "I know you're interested to see these documents. How much do you think the veil will be lifted?"

Naftali said there much still to come, but did direct the host to a memo from Hoover.

"There is a document that the House Assassination Committee found from J. Edgar Hoover, where Hoover was explaining why he does not want an independent investigation of Ruby's killing of Oswald and Oswald's killing of the president," Naftali recalled. "He says, we were intercepting Oswald's conversation in Mexico City and we intercepted a male going to the Soviet Embassy in Washington, both of them had information relating to Oswald's state of mind and that didn't go to the Secret Service."

"By the way," Nafatali added as an aside, "J. Edgar Hoover said Jack Ruby is gay, I don't know why."

Naftali continued describing the document, only to be interrupted by Cooper who laughingly asked, "Um, J. Edgar Hoover thought Jack Ruby was gay?"

"Yeah, it's in the document," the historian replied, quoting, "'And Ruby is a known homosexual.'"

"Hoover's one to talk, " Cooper quipped as the panel burst out in laughter in the background.

Watch the video below via CNN: