Internet rips conservative Daily Wire site for sharing 'white supremacist propaganda' on Columbus Day
A caricature of a Native American person eating a human leg from The Daily Wire's racist Columbus Day video. Image via screengrab.

Former Breitbart writer Ben Shapiro's latest venture, The Daily Wire, isn't known for political correctness. But their latest video, which portrays Native Americans prior to contact by Christopher Columbus as savage cannibals, takes their controversial politics to a new level.

The video, posted early on Monday to commemorate the controversial Columbus Day holiday, makes fun of people who wish to rename the day to "Indigenous People's Day." According to many who viewed it, they chose to make that statement in an "unbelievably racist" way.

In a statement, Shapiro claimed that although he didn't "greenlight" the video, it should be taken as "satire."

"Everybody needs to calm the hell down," Shapiro said. "The video is obviously a response to the Left’s decision to turn Columbus Day into a story purely about Western civilization 'genociding' Native Americans rather than the great gain Western civilization brought the world via entry into the Americas, despite awful wrongs committed in the process."

After the video was published, many took to Twitter to criticize the cartoon video's messaging.

"This white supremacist propaganda from @BenShapiro's rag The Daily Wire is completely indistinguishable from Nazi historical revisionism," Alternet writer Ben Norton tweeted.

"This is the most racist thing i've seen in a long time and nazis call me the n-word on a regular basis," a user named Joe Prince wrote.

Check out some of the best reactions below.