'Lame excuse for commander in chief': Navarro rips Trump for 'grotesque' and 'outrageous' Gold Star widow fight
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN’s Ana Navarro and Angela Rye on Monday shut down GOP contributor Ed Marin for insisting he’s “proud” to “finally have a president who is on the side of fighting back”—even in the case of a Gold Star widow.

Host Don Lemon asked Navarro to react to Donald Trump’s tweet Monday about his conversation with the wife of fallen Sgt. La David Johnson, asking what an appropriate response from the president would have been.

“Silence, respect, honoring the service of a fallen soldier, calling the widow and telling her, ‘I’m sorry if i made you cry, that was not my intent. I want you to know how much I respect and I honor your service of your fallen husband and that this country and I will embrace you for the rest of your life and for your children's' life,’” Navarro offered.

“Instead he just can't help himself,” she continued. “He has no impulse control. I mean, there are children that have more discipline and more impulse control and more common sense than this man does who for some reason is the commander in chief, the lame excuse for a commander in chief. Just when I think he can't offend me anymore, just when I think he can't make me any more mad, he does.”

Navarro went on to call Trump’s fight with Johnson “disgusting,” “grotesque” and “outrageous.”

Martin argued plenty of Trump supporters are happy the president isn’t rolling over to political correctness.

“A whole lot of Americans are looking up and they're saying when politics is played with a sacred moment … we're proud and we’re happy that we finally have a president who is on the side of fighting back,” Martin argued.

“I wish Ana would turn her rage at the congresswoman for politicizing a sacred moment,” he added.

As Navarro tried to explain what was wrong with his theory, Martin shot back, “Your side lost!”

“I am sick of you guys saying the same thing over and over again about how my side lost,” Navarro said. “Yes, you're right. Right now I am an American citizen and Donald Trump—whether I like it or not, whether it accept it or not—is the president of the United States.”

“He's got to behave with respect that the presidency requires,” she said.

Rye later explained it seems Trump has an “issue with strong, black women.”

“There is a clear clear pattern of his bullying behavior and it starts with black women,” she said.

Watch below, via CNN: