McClatchy reporter warns: Experts say North Korea is planning a missile test for Trump's Asia trip
McClatchy News White House correspondent Anita Kumar (Screen capture)

McClatchy News reporter Anita Kumar stunned an MSNBC panel on Sunday with the news that North Korea may be planning to test a missile while President Donald Trump is in China or South Korea this week.

In a discussion of what Trump's aides and advisers will be trying to keep the president focused on during his trip, Kumar said, "His number one top priority is North Korea."

The president, she said, "needs to watch what language he uses" on this trip to take care to not roil already tense relations between China, South Korea, North Korea and the United States.

"What experts are telling me, though, is that there might be a missile test by North Korea while Pres. Trump is traveling," she warned. "That's going to put him on the spot while he's in China or South Korea."

"So that would be huge," Kumar said. "He'd have to decide then and there how to react."

Watch the video, embedded below: