'No you brought her up!' Kellyanne Conway melts down when CNN asks why she keeps talking about Hillary
CNN's Alisyn Camerota interviews Kellyanne Conway (Screen cap).

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway got into a heated exchange with CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Friday over connections between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In particular, Camerota asked Conway to comment on the revelations that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix, whose company was instrumental in helping Trump’s election victory last November, sent out an email to Assange to offer the WikiLeaks founder his company’s help in tracking down emails that were deleted from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Conway insisted that it wasn't a big deal that the CEO of a company that the Trump campaign paid $6 million for its services had reached out to a man whom American intelligence services allege runs a propaganda website that is a front for the Russian government.

"Are you comfortable that the Trump campaign, through Cambridge Analytica, had a connection to WikiLeaks?" Camerota asked.

"They didn’t have a connection to WikiLeaks," Conway responded.

"They reached out to help with the data," Camerota shot back.

"No, not to help with the data," Conway insisted. "It was something about releasing the e-mails. I was the campaign manager and I couldn’t be bothered with that."

Conway then insisted that reaching out to Assange was completely unnecessary anyway because Hillary Clinton ran such a bad campaign that the Trump campaign didn't need WikiLeaks' assistance to beat her.

Unprompted, Conway suddenly grew defensive about the fact that she had once again brought up Hillary Clinton as a way to deflect from alleged wrongdoing committed by associates of the Trump campaign.

"People are now writing about our discussion, and earlier in your broadcast, two commentators mentioned, 'Oh, we just like to talk about Hillary,'" Conway said. "You're still talking about Hillary! I'll make you a deal -- I'll never say a word [about Hillary] again."

Camerota agreed to Conway's deal and tried to move on from talking about Clinton. However, Conway interrupted her to once again talk about Hillary Clinton.

"She was the loser, so you have to keep talking about her," Conway said.

Camerota pointed out that Conway was still talking about Clinton despite her offer to stop doing so.

"No, you brought her up!" Conway snapped.