Olbermann explains how Mueller kept Papadopoulos 'singing like a bird' without White House aides knowing
Broadcasting legend Keith Olbermann (screengrab)

On his latest Resistance podcast, commentator Keith Olbermann praised the stellar work done by special counsel Robert Mueller in keeping the arrest and guilty plea from Donald Trump aide George Papadopoulos a secret from the rest of Trump's associates.

According to Olbermann, Mueller is a "strategic genius."

The host noted that Mueller scooped up Papadopoulos months ago and has been pumping him for information while working out a deal with for a lesser sentence for lying to FBI investigators.

"I'll get to Manafort, I'll get to whatever is a strategic masterpiece by Mueller," Olbermann stated. "But George Papadopoulos, he pleaded guilty 25 days ago and we are only hearing about this now? He cut a deal? He's been working with Mueller's investigation for nearly a month?"

"George Papadopoulos is the small fish with the big name." he continued. "A Trump foreign policy adviser who according to the plea deal, as long ago as March 2016, was suggesting cajoling, urging, needling and emailing everyone he could think of within the campaign that Trump was being invited to meet with, and should meet with, Vladimir Putin."

According to Olbermann, reading from the plea deal, Papadopoulos was behind multiple attempts to set up meetings with the Russians, including Trump's inner circle. The commentator noted the evidence shows that Papadopoulos has been "singing like a bird" about what he knows -- unbeknownst to Trump associates who now may be in line to be questioned by investigators who have already bled him dry of information.

You can watch the video below via YouTube: