Former CIA director says it's 'implausible' that Russians didn't meddle in our election without American help
Former CIA director John Brennan in the Oval Office, official White House photo by Pete Souza

During a speech at Fordham Law School, former CIA director John Brennan told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that he finds it "implausible" that Russia was able to do everything that they did without help from an American.

It was recently revealed that the ads that ran on social media sites, YouTube and Google micro-targeted very specific swing states that were responsible for President Donald Trump's presidential win. Facebook specifically revealed that more than 10 million people saw the ads that are linked to Russia. Given that information, Brennan concluded that it was impossible the Russian bots wasn't coordinating with someone on the ground to know where they could make inroads for Trump.

The House panel investigating the Russia scandal has said they intend to release the ads to the public. Facebook has also been charged with allowing fake news propagated by the Russians to flourish on its platform during the election.

You can watch the video clip below:

Former CIA director says it's 'implausible... by sarahburris