Pulitzer-winning journalist David Fahrenthold: Trump aides better ask for legal fee money up front
Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold (Screen capture)

The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer prize for his reporting on President Donald Trump's charitable giving -- or lack thereof -- in which he exposed the president as being all talk when it comes to giving money to charities.

Trump raised eyebrows on Saturday when he announced that he's pledging hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for White House aides' and advisers' legal expenses in the multiple investigations currently swirling around the White House.

"What I found in my research on Trump's charitable giving was that often he would promise something and then never deliver, but sort of go around with people believing he'd done this thing he's promised," Fahrenthold said.

Trump's habit of talking big and then failing to deliver on donations should make those advisers wary, he said.

"In this case, he's pledged this money, but why not just give the money?" he asked. "These legal bills already exist. Right now he's not even paying his own legal bills. The RNC is paying for them. If he really wants to do this, if I was somebody who was thinking about relying on Pres. Trump to pay my legal bills, I would say, 'Show me the money. Don't pledge it. Give it to me."

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