'Responsible' gun owner blames theft of $10,000 in weapons on stripper: 'Don't let them in your house'
Responsible gun own Billy Swaggerty claims a stripper stole 16 firearms, including assault rifles (screengrab).

A self-identified "responsible" gun owner in Kokomo, Indiana is blaming a stripper for the theft of 16 firearms from the bedroom where he let her stay despite the objections of his wife.

“And that’s another thing...don’t let strippers in your house,” Billy Swaggerty told WXIN Fox 59 News.

Apparently, the woman moved-in with the married couple last winter.

“And I put her in the bedroom with the safes and it came back and bit me,” Swaggerty explained. "We didn’t know that she was a stripper.”

Swaggerty claims a $10,000 value for the stolen firearms.

“Word is is that she went to her drug dealer and sold my guns for $450,” said Swaggerty. “My worst fear is one of my guns is gonna kill a child.”

Yet Swaggerty told Fox 59 he still considers himself a "responsible legal gun owner."

“I had probably three .22 rifles, two shotguns, numerous pistols, I had an SKS which is .762 millimeter, I had an AK-74 which is a .554 millimeter and I had an AR-15 which I just got for Christmas which is a .556 millimeter,” Swaggerty noted.