Security expert tells CNN: More indictments are coming if Mueller's case is 'as strong as it seems'
CNN national security expert Juliette Kayyem (Screen capture)

National security expert and former Assisant Secretary of Homeland Security Juliette Kayyem told CNN on Saturday that the sealed criminal charges announced on Friday are likely to be only the first set of indictments filed in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigations of President Donald Trump, his campaign, transition and presidency.

"This week," Kayyem said, the White House has been doing "this sort of Hail Mary" attempt to confuse the public and cloud the issues around the investigation, which as some have noted has become a sure sign that something about to break.

That, she said, "made it seem like to anyone who knows how these cases unfold that something was going to hit quickly."

"This is not the end, though, and people should not think this is going to settle any issues, this is just an indictment," she explained, "but it does mean that Mueller has proved something not just to a grand jury but to his chain of command at the Department of Justice."

"To be honest," she said, these could only be the first of many indictments, "if the case is as strong as it appears to be."

CNN announced on Friday night that the first charges have been filed in the investigation and that arrests could come as soon as Monday.

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