Seth Meyers: Trump-era Republicans 'don't have coherent principles or ideas' - just enemies
Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

In his "Closer Look" segment Thursday, NBC's Seth Meyers hilariously mocked Fox News for never failing to give President Donald Trump the answers when he flubs them.

Meyers played a clip of Trump's recent press conference where be bragged about being "really smart" and that he went to an "ivy league" college. "He's so smart he has to point to his head to show you where he remembers," Meyers joked.

But Meyers called folly in his gloating bluster by showing a Fox News interview in April where Trump couldn't even remember which country he'd just bombed. The reporter was forced to correct the president, who said Iraq, with the factual answer: Syria.

Trump loves his self-congratulatory soundbites so much, Meyers noted that he even turned the phone call to Sgt. La David Johnson's family into a reason to pat himself on the back.

"You don't get a Yelp review after a condolence call," Meyers said, before going into a Trump impression. "I'm sorry for your loss. Now please give me five stars."

Even when questioned about his attacks on Republicans, Trump blamed his problem with civility on the media and explained it away by repeating that he "went to an ivy league college. I was a nice student. I did very well. I'm, uh, a very intelligent person."

"Are you? Because you talk like a Rosetta Stone video for remedial English," Meyers quipped. "But you might [also] have an inflated ego if you had an entire network dedicated to your praise."

Meyers introduced the recent Lou Dobbs interview with Trump, in which the Fox Business host was so filled with praise it seemed worse than a cabinet meeting.

"Usually when you see an old dude slobber that much he has a nurse with him," Meyers said, disgusted. Meanwhile, Fox is drudging up debunked claims about Hillary Clinton to make it seem like it was she that colluded with the Russians to lose her own election. Meyers said that if anyone watches Fox News, one phrase is heard over and over again: "The real Russia story."

Meyers brought up that this news surfaced just as The Washington Post was reporting that the Democratic Party somehow funded the controversial dossier. The problem, however, is that before the Democrats took over funding the dossier, it was commissioned by the Republican Party. The news gave Fox's Sean Hannity another opportunity to talk about the salacious details he loves to to recall while attempting to defend Trump.

"The right would rather talk about Hillary Clinton than Trump," Meyers explained. "That's because the right, in the Trump era, doesn't have coherent principles or an ideology. It just has enemies. Which is why they prefer to inhabit an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president. And what little you will hear about Trump won't be negative."

That is, except for Sean Hannity, of course.

Watch Meyers below: