'She needs to not be a hypocrite on women': Conway attacks Hillary over Weinstein after Trump won't condemn him
Kellyanne Cownay appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday lashed out at Hillary Clinton for allegedly being a hypocrite on violence against women.

During an interview on Fox News, host Bill Hemmer asked Conway to respond to the fact that it took Clinton several days to denounce Harvey Weinstein's treatment of women. Hemmer, however, did not point out that Conway's boss, President Donald Trump, has also been accused of sexually abusing women.

"I felt like a woman who ran to be commander-in-chief, president of the United States, the first one ever, who talks about women's empowerment, took an awfully long time to give support to those women who were coming forward," Conway said. "And has still -- as far as we know -- kept the money, kept the dirty money that dirty Harvey has given her in her campaign."

"She needs to not be a hypocrite on women's empowerment," she added. "And what it means to be pro-woman. She spent one solid month at this time last year talking about [the Access Hollywood audio tape in which Trump admits groping women] from 11 years earlier, where a statement was made by the now-president of the United States, who was victorious!"

President Donald Trump has acknowledged the news that Weinstein sexually assaulted women, but he has yet to condemn the mogul's actions or offer support to the women who were victimized.

"I've known Harvey Weinstein for a long time," the president was quoted as saying. "I'm not all surprised to see it."

Watch the video below from Fox News.