'Sorry for the bigotry': Town attorney forced to denounce wife after 'inexcusable' racist Facebook rant
A laptop typist is shocked (Shutterstock)

The town attorney in Riverhead, New York has issued a formal denunciation of his own wife after she went off on a racist Facebook rant against black people this weekend.

Riverhead Local reports that Riverhead town attorney Bob Kozakiewicz issued a lengthy apology after his wife, Dianne Delaney, publicly attacked black people whom she alleges harassed a waitress at a local pizza restaurant.

"You f*cking n*ggers harassed the sh*t out of the waitress, to tears!" Delaney wrote on Facebook. "GO BACK TO AFRICA! You f*cking God damn 'Black brats!'"

She then said that the black people she was addressing should go to Liberia, the country that served as home to many freed American slaves both before and after the American Civil War.

She concluded her rant by saying, "We should have picked our OWN COTTEN (sic)!"

In an interview with Riverhead Local, Kozakiewicz said that he can't even begin to fathom what his wife was thinking when she wrote the post.

"I am not quite sure where to begin regarding the post and recent conduct of my wife," he told the publication. "I am so very sorry. Sorry for the hatred, sorry for the bigotry, sorry for the prejudice... sorry for the rage... While our nation seems to be bent on further divisiveness, my wife’s post has no right time, no right place. It was inexcusable."