Texas broadcaster apologizes for slurring black high school football players as 'Cougroes'
Carroll High School football team (KCCI-TV)

An announcer of Texas high school football games has apologized after being fired for using a racial slur against a rival team and making fun of a cheerleader's weight.

According to the Fort Bend Herald, announcer Mark Banton insisted that he was not making a racist slur when he called black players from the Seguin High Cougar's football team "Cougroes," and that he was misunderstood.

It is believed he was combining "Cougars" with "negroes" when the slur slipped out during the broadcast.

Banton was fired from JacketRadio.com after the incident after initially saying, “I am aware of the accusations and I have nothing to say about it.”

According to the report, Banton also mocked the weight of one of the cheerleaders during the game between the Cougars from Arlington and the Cleburne Yellow Jackets.

Following the incident, Arlington ISD officials said it would no longer allow JacketRadio.com to call games involving its teams.