The Internet lampoons the Bernie-Ted Cruz tax debate: 'Possible Zodiac killer lies out of his a** for an hour'
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX, left) and a sketch image of the infamous Zodiac killer (right).

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted the letter (written in code) from the Zodiac killer he's been jokingly compared to.

That night, as he debated Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) about the GOP's tax reform plan, Twitter users couldn't help but discuss the Texas senator's newsworthy tweet.

"Oh boy," one user wrote. "Grandpa Sanders and Zodiac killer Cruz are debating taxes on CNN."

"Ted Zodiac Killer Cruz legit bursts into laughter when Bernie said thousands of people will die from #Medicare cuts," wrote another.

Check out some of the best responses to the reinvigorated conspiracy theory below.

Others still noted the improbable hilarity of Cruz jokingly "outing" himself as the Zodiac.