‘The plot sickens’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota calls out Bill O’Reilly over latest harassment revelations
Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

As CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota said Tuesday morning, "the plot sickens" with the Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment claims.

"It just continues every single day, there are new developments," she continued. "The $32 million is so jaw-dropping, of course it begs the question, what evidence could possibly be worth $32 million?"

In wake of O'Reilly's attempt to relitigate the accusations against him, the host produced a thank-you note from a wedding gift he gave to an accuser, presenting it as a bombshell break in the case. The thank-you note apparently proves his innocence.

"We know that there were emails that she had with O'Reilly, back and forth, that she was citing, text messages," Brian Stelter reported. "This raises the idea, was there video, audio, something else. Gretchen Carlson, when she received that $22 million settlement in the Roger Ailes case, she had audiotapes. So, she had compelling evidence. But in this case, it may always be a mystery why he was willing to pay $32 million. He says this was a hit job, people were out to get them."

Camerota wondered why anyone would shell out $32 million for a false accusation.

Co-host Chris Cuomo noted that often people pay settlements because they don't want the possibility of what else might be discovered in the case. However, he also noted, O'Reilly is still not denying that the sexual harassment actually occurred.

"He's saying that people outing him is politically motivated," Cuomo recalled. "And if it is, good! Because they should be part of our political dialogue that's been ignored too long. Megyn Kelly was talking about it on her show."

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